Services by Kenco Shock Service

Services by Kenco Shock Service

Kenco Shock Services offers a full range of suspension services including sales and servicing of Bilstein and Kenco Racing Shocks. Our online store provides the convenience of easy, anytime buying or you can call Peter Lack on 0477 090 244.

We also offer Car Set Up Services from as simple as a phone consultation, to hands on, full set up packages including at track support. 

Our newest and most comprehensive tool, Suspension Data Logging By Kenco Shock Services, is outlined below and will provide you with the most powerful data on the market to get race winning results. Please note, there is currently an 8-week wait on this service.

Suspension Data Logging by Kenco Shock Services

Kenco Shock Services can now offer a Full Car / Suspension Data Logging System to fast track your car to the front!!! This is a comprehensive system and the data we can source is nothing short of amazing. The system currently takes approximately 1-day to set up and all data will be provided to you with recommendations to bring your car to the front. Prices start from $3,990. 

The data logging system we use is the most comprehensive on the market.

Shock Suspension Data Logger telemetry Kenco Shock Services

How it Works

We use our in-house designed shock sensors and equipment to send the signals to our state-of-the-art data logging computer system.

Shock Data Sensor Readers for Suspension Logging

We wi-fi your data live and perform analysis at the track to make informed decisions on any potential changes at the track. We produce and send full reports after the race meeting.


Suspension Shock Travel Graph

Our data logging system can be used for many disciplines including Speedway, Drag Racing, Road Racing, Motocross, Rally and much more. 

Call Peter Lack to get started today on 0477 090 244.